Programs designed for Preschool - Grade 3

Choose from 2 locations within Maple Ridge’s Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, including the convenient Main Entrance muster point; and the lakeside services at Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre.

Location 1: Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, Maple Ridge (Main Entrance)
Runs: All year
Program Types: Half-day or Full-day options
Cost*: $10 for Half-day Programs; $15 for Full-day Programs.

Location 2: Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre, Maple Ridge
Runs: August – June
Program Types: Day-use or overnight retreat
Day-Use Cost*: $40 includes lunch, facility use, & instructor-led programs
Retreat Cost*: $10 for half-day programs; $15 for full-day programs when booking an overnight retreat. Please contact Loon Lake for rates and availability.
*Costs are per youth & include staff and materials.


Our Sprouts program has been crafted for preschool to grade 3 students and delivers an immersive, hands-on approach to environmental based learning. This program focuses on planting the seed of environmental curiosity by facilitating place-based nature connections for younger-aged students. With a variety of BC based modules, we explore the forest from microscopic critters to ancient old-growth trees. Students will grow a deep rooted appreciation for their natural surroundings that can inspire further classroom teachings or environmental study. Modules incorporate all elements of outdoor learning and encourage students to develop hypothesizing, listening, observing, questioning, and discussing skills.

Module Examples:

We offer teachers and youth leaders a choice of 13 modules within the Sprouts program. They range from creating a natural home in the woods to soil and insect exploration. To view our current modules, drop us a note and we'll reply with the full range of curriculum.

Here are 3 (of the 13) modules to choose from:

Wetlands and Toads - Ribbit, Ribbit! Explore the beauty of wetlands through the eyes of a toad! In this module, students will leap into learning about the importance of swamps, marshes, and our hoppy little friends. Get up close with some wetland critters and develop their knowledge from tadpoles to frogs and every stage in-between!

Habitat Trackers - Join us on a journey through a temperate rainforest of British Columbia, tracking down some of the 50 different mammals that live here. Students can spend part of the day learning about the typical lunch menu of a bear and adventure out to build their own dens in the woods! Students will learn about the different habitats we have here in the research forest by focusing in on our big furry friends.

Insect Observers - Truly small but mighty! Insects are an important part of ecosystems. In this module, students will learn to identify insects that live in the coastal rainforests of British Columbia in a hands-on setting. By exploring the ecosystems in which they live, students will learn the important roles that insects play in keeping the forests alive and thriving!

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Inspire place-based connections between both students and the beautiful coastal temperate rainforest.

  2. Inspire connections between students and their fellow classmates.

  3. Promote environmental curiosity by allowing free-range exploration and observations.

  4. Encourage self-awareness and recognition of the human role in ecosystems.

  5. Gain appreciation for the intricacy of living things and the interconnectedness of a forest system.

  6. Spark interest in environmental stewardship in a community based setting.


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